Kelly Rowland Shares Her Life Insurance “Why”

by | June 16, 2021 | Financial Education, Life Insurance

You may know Kelly Rowland as an award-winning singer, songwriter, producer and humanitarian. But she’s also a mom to two young boys, and this September, she’ll join us as the spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), coordinated by Life Happens, to share the important message that life insurance is her way of saying to her sons, “I love you. I’ve got you, and I’m seeing to your future no matter what.”

Life Insurance Is About Protecting the Ones You Love

The importance of life insurance was made real for Kelly when a friend lost her husband suddenly. They had a conversation after his passing, and the friend got on her about life insurance, saying, “Kelly, you gotta get it done; this is so important. You want to make the process as seamless for your children as possible because that’s one of the ways you show them that you love them.”

For Kelly, that really hit home. With a family, a home and a flourishing career, she says that having life insurance truly eases her heart and her mind. It’s a solution so that if something does happen, her loved ones will be taken care of.

As Kelly put it, “I’m so happy that it almost scares me. We’ve got our beautiful sons, we’ve gotten the house we’ve always wanted, we’re able to do things together as a family, and our love is so thick and beautiful.”

Life insurance is a way to protect those things. It allows you to say to your loved ones, “I’ve got you” — and mean it.

Changing the Conversation About Life Insurance

Kelly acknowledges that people often shy away from the topic of life insurance – they just think about the loss, about not being there in the future. They think that if they address the topic, it’s going to “make it real.” That’s why she’s so passionate about educating others on why they need coverage.

As she told us, “When you take care of those things — things people don’t like to think about, like the security of having life insurance — there’s a sense of freedom. It’s like a burden lifted off of you, and that’s what people should rest in.”

Stay tuned on social media as Kelly shares more of her powerful life insurance message in the lead-up to LIAM this September. In the meantime, check out our Life Insurance 101 page for unbiased info on the basics and our Life Insurance Needs Calculator to get an estimate of the amount of coverage you need to protect the ones you love.

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