Kelly Rowland Talks Life and Life Insurance: ‘It Truly Eases My Heart and Mind.’

by | September 28, 2021 | Life Insurance

While Life Insurance Awareness Month may be coming to a close, the need for coverage is year-round. If you haven’t taken that step to get life insurance yet, right now is the best time to get started.

Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer and humanitarian Kelly Rowland joined us this month to share why she’s passionate about life insurance and how important it is for protecting the ones you love.

As a mom to two young boys, Kelly does anything to make her family’s lives better and more secure — and life insurance is key. It’s her way of saying to her sons, “I love you. I’ve got you, and I’m seeing to your future no matter what.”

Here she opens up about motherhood, life lately and life insurance.

Life Happens: It’s been an exciting time for your family this year with the addition of baby Noah! How does it feel to be a new mom again?

Kelly Rowland: There are moments like in the middle of the night when I’m looking at Noah—he’s just so delicious—and I think, Wow! I’m so blessed. Being a mother has absolutely changed me. It’s daunting, but I love it.

LH: Having life insurance is about being a role model for your sons, maybe not now but into the future. What does life insurance mean to you?

Kelly: When you take care of those things—things people don’t like to think about like the security of having life insurance—there’s a sense of freedom. It’s like a burden lifted off of you, and that’s what people should rest in.

LH: Have you and your husband talked about what would happen if either or both of you were to pass away? Have you taken precautions like purchasing life insurance?

Kelly: We have and I’ll never forget that conversation—my husband and I were in the car and we had tears in our eyes, because we love our babies so much.

But honestly, what made it real was a conversation I had with a friend who lost her husband. It happened so suddenly, and she got on me about life insurance. She said, ‘Kelly, you gotta get it done; this is so important. You want to make the process as seamless for your children as possible because that’s one of the ways you show them that you love them.’

When you say it like that, it’s just so true! For me, having life insurance truly eases my heart and mind. It means that no matter what, my family can keep looking toward the future. I know when some people think about life insurance they just think about the loss — about not being there. And they’re like, well, if I address this, it’s going to be real. But it’s not going to ‘make it real.’ It’s a solution so that if something does happen to you, you know everything is going to be taken care of.

LH: What do you think is a barrier to people purchasing life insurance?

Kelly: I think for a lot of people it comes down to information—that they don’t really know about life insurance. And I would say especially the Black community. Life insurance is a great product, but the greatest thing we can give people is the information on what exactly it is and what it does for a family. That’s why I’m collaborating with Life Happens, to help educate people so they can understand it and get the coverage they need.

LH: One last question: What’s the title of the song for your life right now?

Kelly: It would be ‘Golden.’ I am so happy that it almost scares me. I prayed and asked God, ‘Please don’t take anything away from my life right now.’ We’ve got our beautiful sons, we’ve gotten the house we’ve always wanted, we’re able to do things together as a family, and our love is so thick and beautiful. It really is Golden.

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Devin Pascoe

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