The American Dream Secured With Life Insurance

by | May 24, 2021 | Life Insurance

May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, a time when we celebrate AAPI voices and stories and highlight how they are woven into our national fabric and the success of our country. At Life Happens, we want to pay tribute to Steven and Ngoc Anh Tang, who knew that America held the dream for their future. They left their native Vietnam so their children, Jimmy and Nancy, could have a better life.

Steven came first and began work stocking shelves at a local grocery store. From there he found work at a glass-blowing company and was able to make enough money to bring his wife and children to America.

As the couple built their lives here, they also understood that there was more to securing their children’s future than just hard work in the here and now. So, they sat down with their insurance professional Annie Vu to purchase life insurance. They wanted to make sure their children would always be taken care of, no matter what.

Unfortunately, when the children were teens, Ngoc Anh was in a car accident and died later of a stroke caused by her injuries. And just three years later, Steven succumbed to liver cancer.

It Did What It Was Meant to Do

While Jimmy and Nancy were devasted by the loss of their parents, the one thing they didn’t have to struggle with was money. The life insurance did what it was meant to do: secure their futures financially.

Jimmy was able to buy a home near the college where Nancy was enrolled, so he could be there to support her on her journey. These things were made possible by life insurance.

“Life insurance is vital,” says Jimmy, “because you never know when it will happen. Getting it doesn’t mean, ‘I’m going to die.’ Instead, you buy it so your loved ones will be comfortable and won’t have to worry about the financial aspect of their life if something does happen.”

Steven and Ngoc Anh left a legacy of financial security for their children that has allowed them to pursue their own American dreams, and their future looks bright. You can watch their story here and learn more about your own life insurance needs here.

Maggie Leyes

Maggie Leyes

Maggie Leyes is Chief Creative Officer for Life Happens. She has been working in the insurance and financial services industry for more than 15 years.

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