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by | August 28, 2017 | Life Insurance

Join Life Happens as we moderate a Twitter Chat focused around all things life insurance during Life Insurance Awareness Month. We anticipate plenty of activity from consumers, the media, insurance companies, agents, and more. We hope the chat helps promote life insurance awareness among consumers, and allows agents and companies to discuss industry issues, best practices, and more.

Date: Tuesday, September 12th from 1:00 p.m. EDT to 2:00 p.m. EDT
Hashtag: #LIAM17Chats during the above timeframe

Life Happens will moderate the discussion and drive the conversation using the questions below. Pass your answers through company compliance if needed. Remember, the 140-character limit for tweets though, and remember that you’ll have to use the #LIAM17Chats hashtag in each tweet as well.

Q1: What does it mean to you to be financially fit? #LIAM17Chats

Q2: Do you think finances, fitness and wellness intersect? #LIAM17Chats

Q3: Who should have life insurance coverage? #LIAM17Chats

Q4: In your experience, are there certain types of people who tend to be less aware of their life insurance need than others? #LIAM17Chats

Q5: What are some common misconceptions you’ve encountered about life insurance? #LIAM17Chats

Q6: What’s the best saying or rule of thumb you’ve heard when it comes to life insurance? #LIAM17Chats

Q7: 42% of Millennials think they wouldn’t qualify for life insurance coverage. Why do you think that is? #LIAM17Chats

Q8: What are some of the “hidden” benefits of life insurance? Things most people may not realize it does? #LIAM17Chats

Q9: What resources are out there to help people get started evaluating their life insurance needs and find the right policy? #LIAM17Chats

Q10: What is the most important thing you think people should know about life insurance? #LIAM17Chats

Possible extra question:

Q: What’s the best story you’ve heard about the value of life insurance? You’ve got to tell us in one tweet! #LIAM17Chats

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