For Roselyn Sánchez, Life Insurance Was an Easy Decision

by | June 21, 2022 | Life Insurance

You may know Roselyn Sánchez as an actress, producer, proud Puerto Rican, wife and mother of two. But she’s also a life insurance advocate, and this September, she’ll join us as the spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), coordinated by Life Happens. She’s sharing the important message that getting life insurance is an easy decision to make for the ones you love.

In a sea of decisions, there’s one that’s easy: getting life insurance.

Everything changes when you become a parent. You don’t live for yourself anymore; you live for your kids. There are so many choices to make, and sometimes it can feel like they’re all challenging. But when family is everything, like it is for Roselyn, getting life insurance is an easy decision.

Roselyn got life insurance eight years ago when her daughter, Sebella, was 2. That coverage protects her husband and kids financially—they could use the life insurance to cover any current or future expenses, like the mortgage or school tuition, if her earnings were no longer in the picture. As Roselyn puts it, “At least if anything happens to me, I know there’s something in place that can give my children a sense of security.”

Roselyn acknowledges that it can feel like a big commitment—“Oh my god, I’m getting life insurance!” But even some coverage is better than none at all. It’s about being responsible and disciplined for the ones you love, putting that money aside because it will pay off in the future.

People think about life insurance, but they don’t act on it.

According to the 2022 Insurance Barometer Study by Life Happens and LIMRA, the Hispanic community expresses the highest need for life insurance: 51% say they need life insurance, or more of it. But myths and misconceptions can get in the way of taking action.

For Roselyn, it all comes back to education—for all Americans, but especially for the Hispanic community. She wants to encourage others to get the coverage they need and let people know that insurance professionals can help them get started.

It’s about changing the narrative of life insurance from making a “big commitment” to making an easy decision. When there are so many choices to make each day for the ones we love, why not make one that’s simple and affordable?


Stay tuned on social media as Roselyn shares more of her powerful life insurance message in the lead-up to LIAM this September. In the meantime, check out our Life Insurance 101 video for unbiased info on the basics and our Life Insurance Needs Calculator to estimate the coverage you need to protect your family.

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Devin Pascoe

Devin Pascoe

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