Corporate Sponsorship

In 2005, Life Happens created the Life Lessons Scholarship Program to provide scholarships to students who have lost a parent/guardian with little to no life insurance and are now struggling financially to get an education. In recent years, we have made it possible for companies to partner with us in making a difference in young people’s lives through our Corporate Sponsorship Cobranding Program.

What is the Corporate Sponsorship Cobranding Program?

This program allows Life Happens’ member companies and associations to directly sponsor a scholarship from start to finish. In exchange for funding a minimum $5,000 scholarship, your company can choose to be fully involved in the recipient selection process. After selection, you can use your winner’s story in various marketing efforts.

Why should we get involved?

The Cobranding Program combines three essential elements that make it worthwhile:

Charitable Giving

100% of your tax deductible donation goes to a student in need.

Employee Engagement

Involve your employees in the judging process! Reading these stories reminds us why we’re in the industry.

Marketing Efforts

You can use your winner’s story in a variety of ways – including social media, video and so much more!

Request More Information

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Corporate Sponsors

Thank you to the following sponsors who have helped fund this program.

Swiss Re
Crump Life Insurance Services

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