Real Life

One of the best things that the LIFE Foundation offers, in my opinion, is its realLIFEstories. These are not ads or commercials; they do not use actors pretending to be someone else; they don’t portray some idealized situation. Instead, realLIFEstories carefully tell often heart-wrenching stories of how people’s lives, and the lives of their families, […]

The Magic of Life Insurance

Allow me to share some reasons why I am proud to sell life insurance—and why I think it’s important that you own it. Think about what we, in the life insurance industry, do each and every day: We create money where none existed before. We create dollars for future delivery, dollars for pennies a piece. […]

Get Your Spouse to the Table (and I don’t mean the dining kind)

Like many financial professionals, I want couples to be at the financial planning table together. But the reality is one spouse is often the driver of financial matters in the relationship. And often, time and schedule challenges make it easier to rely on the “catch-up conversations,” which may not end up happening. Talking about financial […]

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