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Looking for a Guaranteed Income Stream?

If you are concerned about outliving your savings, perhaps an income annuity will fit your needs. An annuity can offer a guaranteed lifetime income that you can’t outlive.

Fixed income annuities are offered with a number of payment options, allowing you to structure payouts according to your financial goals and objectives. Consider these four income streams:

Annuities—Are They Right for You?

Almost half of workers plan to lock in an annuity at retirement. Part of the reason is that employer-provided retirement benefits are most commonly distributed to workers in the form of an annuity, according to a new report “Older Americans’ Ambivalence Toward Annuities,” published by AARP’s Public Policy Institute. The study examines the results of […]

The Right Time for Annuities

Did you know that the majority of retirees are not overly confident they have saved enough for a comfortable retirement? In addition, nearly four in 10 retirees have not estimated how many years their assets and investments might last in retirement, according to LIMRA’s study “Will Retirement Assets Last a Lifetime.” Enter annuities. Now before […]

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