Elite Schools (and their high tuition) Overrated? Yep!

Parents certainly don’t want to deprive their children of the chance to succeed. This feeling, this urge seems especially acute in this day and age of economic struggle, with the middle class being squeezed into oblivion. As August approaches, a number of my parental peers are facing big college tuition bills for their children, some […]

For All the Stages in a Woman’s Life

A woman’s life can be defined by stages—from childhood to child-bearing years and beyond. And while each woman approaches these life stages differently, and makes choices that are right for her, all women should have adequate insurance to protect their needs and those who may be depending on them. Life Insurance Life insurance is a […]

"The List" (or how to corral your financial and legal documents)

How many of you have legal and financial documents stashed in different drawers in different locations?  Perhaps you have some in your home safe, some in drawers in the bedroom, others in the den and more in the office. What happens when you become sick or die? Does any one person know where all the […]

Sensationalism Doesn't Belong in a Personal Finance Column

Much like our own mission at the LIFE Foundation, the job of a personal finance journalist should be to inform and educate people to help them make smart financial decisions. Yet in a recent article from SmartMoney (10 Things Life Insurers Won’t Tell You), reporter Jilian Mincer leads her readers to the conclusion that the […]

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