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by | January 19, 2022 | Life Insurance

Join Life Happens for a Twitter Chat during Insure Your Love month this February. We’ll discuss new data from our latest study, “For Love and Money,” that analyzes the way people express or receive love and how that changes finances and financial conversations in their relationship.

Love can be expressed in many ways: a knowing glance, a kind deed, shared memories, a thoughtful gift, words of encouragement and with life insurance. We hope this chat serves as a reminder to you that getting life insurance is an act of love that goes beyond words.

Date: Tuesday, February 15 from 1 to 2 p.m. EST

Where: Join us on Twitter using your personal handle or your company’s handle.

Hashtag: Use and follow #InsureYourLoveChat during the above time frame.

Life Happens will moderate the discussion and drive the conversation on Twitter using the questions and statistics below. Remember, you’ll have to use the #InsureYourLoveChat hashtag in each tweet.

All statistics below come from the study “For Love and Money,” Life Happens, 2022. Further survey details will be released soon.

Q1: 59% of people agree that they would feel more secure in their relationship if they discussed getting life insurance with their partner. What are some tips you have for people who want to bring up life insurance with their loved ones? #InsureYourLoveChat #InsureYourLove

Q2: Of the options given, the least taboo financial topic to discuss in a relationship is life insurance. Why do you think people are more comfortable talking about life insurance? #InsureYourLoveChat #InsureYourLove

Which of the following financial topics would you describe as the most “taboo” to discuss with your partner?

  • Prenups/Prenuptial agreements (31%)
  • None of the above (21%)
  • Joint bank accounts (21%)
  • Taking on each other’s debt (18%)
  • Wills/end of life planning (7%)
  • Life insurance (2%)

Q3: Half of respondents would talk about wills and life insurance before marriage. Besides marriage, what are some milestones these couples could be experiencing soon that would heighten their need for life insurance? #InsureYourLoveChat #InsureYourLove

Q4: Men are more likely than women to say that purchasing a life insurance policy is a financial way to demonstrate your love (40% vs 33%). How would explain that getting life insurance is a way to show love? #InsureYourLoveChat #InsureYourLove

Q5: 64% of Americans feel more comfortable talking about their finances than discussing having kids with their partner. What’s one thing you would suggest couples add to their financial conversations that they may not have thought about? #InsureYourLoveChat #InsureYourLove

Q6: Our survey found that there may be a correlation between your love language and your financial behavior:

  • People are most likely to own life insurance if their love language is quality time
  • Americans whose love language is receiving gifts are most likely to say “the right time” to discuss life insurance is before marriage

Why does life insurance ownership and openness to having these conversations come more readily to some? #InsureYourLoveChat #InsureYourLove

Q7: Financial security is one of the most attractive traits to have in a partner, according to our new research. How are you raising awareness about life insurance during this month of love? #InsureYourLoveChat #InsureYourLove

The basic motivation behind the purchase of life insurance is love. Help us spread awareness of Insure Your Love during February, the “month of love,” by using #InsureYourLove on social media all month long.

Corey Goodburn

Corey Goodburn

Corey Goodburn, Social Media Specialist, manages social media strategy, creates content, and reimagines ways to promote the importance of insurance. He has previously managed social media for several nonprofit organizations.

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