Join Life Happens and LIMRA for a Special Twitter Chat during #InsureYourLove 2019

by | January 17, 2019 | Life Insurance

Join Life Happens and LIMRA representatives as we moderate a Twitter Chat focused on life insurance and how it offers protection and peace of mind. The chat is just a part of our activities during February’s Insure Your Love Month. There will be plenty of activity from the media, insurance companies, agents and consumers. We hope the chat helps promote life insurance awareness among the public and allows agents and companies to discuss important industry issues, best practices, and ways that we can all improve.

Date: Thursday, February 7 from 1:00 p.m. EDT to 2:00 p.m. EDT
Hashtag: #InsureYourLoveChat during the above timeframe

Life Happens and LIMRA representatives will moderate and drive the discussion using the questions below. Questions 1-5 are from the Life Happens 2019 Insure Your Love Consumer Study. Question 6 is from the LIMRA and Life Happens 2018 Insurance Barometer Study.

Pass your answers through company compliance if needed. Remember, you’ll have to use the #InsureYourLoveChat hashtag in each tweet.

Q1: 78% agree that preparing financially for life’s unknowns is a way to show your loved ones you care. What are some specific ways you can prepare for these unknowns?#InsureYourLoveChat

Q2: 8 in 10 people (78%) say that finding ways to reduce financial stress is a top priority for them. What are some ways people can reduce financial stress? #InsureYourLoveChat

Q3: 69% of people with life insurance say they are less stressed knowing their family is financially protected. This sounds like a great way to reduce stress and get more out of life! #InsureYourLoveChat

Q4: People say that feeling financially secure (62%), being in love (60%), finding a reason to laugh every day (59%), and owning a home (43%) add a great deal of meaning to their lives. What adds meaning to your life? #InsureYourLoveChat

Q5: Only slightly more than half of single parents have life insurance in place, versus parents who live with their spouse/partner (72%). Is there a disconnect for single parents? #InsureYourLoveChat

Q6: 1 out of 3 wished their spouse or partner had more life insurance. What should these people do? #InsureYourLoveChat

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