Danica Says It Best: Life Insurance Is Key on Your Financial Journey

It’s Life Insurance Awareness Month! And we will just step aside to let our spokesperson Danica Patrick tell you why life insurance has always been important to her—and why it should be for you, too.

If you think you may need life insurance, or more of it, spend a few minutes with the Life Insurance Needs Calculator here. Then if find a gap, get the coverage you need—it’s likely less expensive than you think!

  1. Let’s make this last forever
    Let’s make it more important than 1967

    – financial advisors have a life license but they sell investment products

    .. two types of people 401k gone before they turn 65

    Or they are the type that wait and save just Incase .. and the 401k outlives their retirement –

    I say we’re born to die and we should promote life insurance for all those who are welcomed into the world – it’s the best price and the longest time to grow easy to overfund and a great way to plan for the future

    – my daughter has her college fund and her second whole life for her to buy a home and provide her child with an education .. and my annuity for living legacies society – BEnGurion university at Negev – my grandchild will benefit and my future generations will be living in a world we’re they are saving humanity and the planet and increasing smiles and decreasing evil

    – life insurance isn’t a financial thing it’s a act of love and it’s the most infinite form of legacy

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