Faisa Stafford

Faisa Stafford

Stafford began her career in accounting with several Washington, D.C.-based private technology and real-estate businesses, and made the transition to Life Happens (then The LIFE Foundation) in 2003. She has held various roles within Life Happens, while always being passionate about increasing efficiencies and implementing technology to streamline processes to better serve the industry and Life Happens’ members. She had been Life Happens’ COO and CFO for over 10 years, overseeing operations and finance. In 2019, she became Life Happens’ President and CFO.

February 25, 2019

Protecting What Matters Most: Your Loved Ones

But so many people don’t seem to be getting that message. Only four in 10 are protecting their family with an individual life insurance policy. In fact, a third of Americans say that life insurance is a low or is not a priority when starting a family, according to this same study.

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