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Kelley Snead: Life Insurance for … Life

Most people think life insurance is there to protect families financially when someone dies. And while that’s true, the “living benefits” of life insurance can also help families beforehand. This has been true for Kelley and Doak Snead.

They are a match made in country music heaven—Nashville, where they met working in the industry and then bonded over their love of making music. Their love has grown over the past 23 years, and life insurance has been an important part of their life together. As Kelley
grew her new career in real estate and Doak focused on raising their daughter, Emma, they knew they needed the financial safety net that life insurance offered.

Tragedy struck, however, when Kelley—the family’s main breadwinner—found out she had a drug-resistant type of Parkinson’s disease. It has slowly robbed her of her ability to work, and now even to care for herself. Fortunately, their insurance professional Wallene Leek had made sure that Kelley not only increased her life insurance over time, but that it had living benefits as well.

Kelley’s term life insurance policies have a disability waiver of premium, which means she never has to pay another premium. And because her diagnosis is terminal, the family is able to access a percentage of the death benefit now. That has meant the world to the Sneads.

The family has been able to stay in their home, instead of selling it, and Emma has been able to complete school. What’s more, Kelley and Doak are able to spend what time they have left without the crushing burden of financial worry. “Kelley’s disease may have taken away her livelihood, but life insurance has saved our lives at this point,” says Doak.

  1. Very beautiful piece. FYI, if you’re interested in Kelley’s CD “Roses & Tumbleweeds”, search Kelley Sallee Snead on iTunes, Amazon, or CD Baby. The album is a tribute not only to her talent, but to her self awareness in realizing her “unfinished business” at a critical time in her life. Our thanks to Wallene Leek and New York Life for making so much possible, and to the folks at Life Happens for this touching story,

    1. What a beautiful story! I bought the album as soon as I saw the article in the paper a few weeks ago. Lovely album, and lovely voice!

    1. It’s a lovely piece, I had no idea ya’ll did that. I love you sister, hugs and kisses, Kristi

  2. What a beautiful couple. And how wonderful they had the foresight to purchase this policy! My prayers are with them both!

  3. The NYLife agent in this story is my wife Wallene. She works hard at her profession, but we never forget that she is helping families. Our own family has twice had the life changing experience when life insurance benefits were there in real life tragedies.

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