Cory and Asia Schroeder

In Good Times and Bad

Cory and Asia Schroeder are the most unlikely couple and, yet, the most likely couple. They met under the saddest of circumstances, but now married 13 years, they have used their relationship to transform the unimaginable into the possible.

You see, Asia was the widow of Peter, a Marine that was in the same unit as Cory. He was part of an elite bomb squad and died in the line of duty while stationed in Iraq. Asia was just 23 and their son, Jacob, 3.

Grief gripped the small family, but thankfully financial concerns weren’t an issue. Just before deploying, Peter purchased an individual life insurance policy that essentially doubled the coverage he had through the military. His wife and son were at the center of his life, and he wanted to make sure they wouldn’t suffer financially if he didn’t return.

The Future Unfolds

“When Peter died, it felt like I was watching a movie— it’s something that happened to other people, not me,” says Asia. “His life insurance was instant assurance that everything was going to be OK financially.”

Cory offered solace and help to Asia and Jacob as they looked toward the future. Friendship turned to love and a new family unit was born when Cory and Asia married. But the power of life insurance didn’t end there. The couple purchased policies, including permanent life insurance, because they had seen what it could do firsthand.

As they continued to build their dreams together, Cory and Asia tapped the cash value of their permanent life insurance policies to use as a down payment on a new commercial property.* They wanted to expand their 24-7 gym and transform it into the prosperous business they knew it could be. “It has allowed us to follow our passion and do something we enjoy,” says Cory.

The Schroeders know firsthand the power of life insurance. It has been there to support their life, their dreams and their future through good times and bad.

*Withdrawing or borrowing funds from your policy will reduce its cash value and death benefit if not repaid, and may result in a tax liability if the policy terminates before the death of the insured.

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