For Love and Money

American relationships are changing, and finances are playing a key role. In fact, the new study “For Love and Money” from Life Happens found that those in a relationship are talking openly about their finances even before saying “I love you.”

And people are attracted to partners who can plan ahead—and that includes financial preparedness, with 4 in 10 describing financial security as one of the most attractive traits to have in a romantic partner.

February 2022

For more information on this study, view our press release.

Key findings

  • 67% of those in a relationship agree there is nothing sexier than saving money.
  • 59% would feel more secure in their relationship if they discussed getting life insurance with their partner, and 51% say the right time to do that is before marriage.
  • 74% said it took between one and eight months to be comfortable talking about their finances with their partner, while in that same period, only 42% would say “I love you.
  • 42% describe financial security as one of the most attractive traits to have in a romantic partner.
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•	58% of Americans said COVID-19 has drastically changed which milestones they’d like to accomplish in life.

Falling head over heels, but maybe not so traditionally

  • The majority (70%) said they discussed (or will discuss) getting married with their partner less than a year into a relationship.
  • 80% believe it’s more socially acceptable today for women to earn more than their male partners, and 77% don’t think relationships need one “breadwinner” anymore. 
  • 61% believe it’s no longer a “relationship requirement” to have a joint bank account when you’re married.
  • 64% say they’d rather talk about finances with their partner than discuss having children.

Finances are big in a relationship

  • 72% are willing to assist with paying down their partner’s debt.
  • Finances are also factoring into how people show their love, with respondents saying they do so by saving money (24%) and budgeting (23%).
  • When asked what financial decisions would demonstrate their love to someone, 36% said purchasing a life insurance policy, with men more likely to say that than women (40% vs 33%).
  • But there are still taboos. The most taboo financial topics to talk about with your partner were prenups (31%) and joint bank accounts (21%) and the least taboo was life insurance (2%).
•	3/4 of Americans said it’s important for them to get their finances in order this year.

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To source this study, please use: “For Love and Money,” Life Happens, Jan. 2022

For more information on this study and its methodology, view our press release. And for media inquiries, contact

We’re committed to educating Americans about life insurance

At Life Happens, we created and coordinate the Insure Your Love campaign every year to motivate people to purchase life insurance to protect their loved ones financially. To take action for your loved ones, we have a free Life Insurance Needs Calculator to help evaluate your own life insurance needs.


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