Pacific Life Recipient

Hannah Price

AMOUNT: $15,000
SCHOOL: University of California

When I was sixteen, my mother died. It was June 27, 2017. This sense of disbelief washed over me. It seemed so ludicrous; mothers don’t die before their children, or so we convince ourselves. Yet, it was so. I was informed over the phone that she had been found in a dumpster, presumably after a drug exchange went awry. I knew my mom struggled with addiction, but I never fathomed she would perish as a result of it. I was only 16. The sense of regret for the lost conversations, unrecoverable moments of future celebrations, and the loneliness of not having my mother to confide in were nearly unbearable on their own. It is a grief I still feel at times, and one I would never wish upon anybody. The weight of her loss added to my reality after her passing is insurmountable.

My father was homeless, without finances, and unable to provide for me after my mom passed away. No one planned for her passing, so there was no life insurance or other resources to support me. I wish there had been. Ultimately, I was left on my own. I was fortunate enough to have family friends that let me stay with them, but it wasn’t always so. A year after my mother’s passing, while I was a junior in high school, I was deemed ‘homeless unaccompanied youth’ by my county. I found odd jobs to pay for food and bus fare to school most days, but it was arduous. I recall the wrenching sensation of hunger. The chilling sensation in my bones from the wintertime. The wetness of the snow seeping through the canvas of my shoes. The loneliness and instability ate at me every day.

I felt exhausted to my core. Despite the hopeless nature of my situation, it never occurred to me to drop out. It would have been easier, but I knew that I wanted to improve my life. To have a career where I could pay into life insurance to protect my future family from experiencing this. So I petitioned to do independent study and managed to earn my credits even if I couldn’t attend class every day. I didn’t know how I was going to get through it, but there was no other option in my mind.

If my mother had life insurance coverage, I wouldn’t have faced such hardships. I would have had a safe, stable home to finish high school. I would have had money set aside to pursue a Bachelor’s without worrying about the cost. I would have felt safe. I now know the importance of life insurance. It is more than finances, it’s security to ensure your children have the means to succeed in life. If I’m awarded the Life Lessons scholarship, I will use it to pay for my tuition as I continue my education at the University of California, Davis. As a result of my education I hope to open a business of my own; a childcare facility where I can have a positive influence on children and find fulfillment in giving back. I have fought to get this far and would be endlessly grateful to have the financial burden of tuition lessened. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

The Life Lessons Scholarship is made possible through individual donations and corporate sponsorships. Your financial support can make a world of difference for a young person struggling to afford a college education due to the loss of a parent or guardian.

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