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Larry Prier: Smart Decisions Provide for a Family

Larry Prier is as smart as they come. After graduating, he quickly rose through the corporate ranks, securing a position that took him and his wife, Francie, around the world. When Larry returned to his company’s headquarters in Indiana, he and Francie had two young children and knew it was time to review their finances. They met with Susan Wier, CFP, ChFC, LUTCF, an insurance professional, who determined that Larry needed more life and disability insurance to protect his family. But before the paperwork was completed, Larry’s boss was named President of Union Pacific Railroad and convinced Larry to join him in Omaha, Nebraska.

That didn’t stop Susan’s commitment to her clients. She flew to Omaha to see Larry and Francie, studied Union Pacific’s benefits package, and suggested that Larry take advantage of the company’s disability income plan, which would replace 70 percent of his total compensation if he was unable to perform his job due to illness or injury. Less than a year later, Larry, 39, noticed deterioration in his penmanship. It was the first symptom of Multi-Systems Atrophy, a form of Parkinson’s disease. Larry could still work, but over time he became unsteady, couldn’t project his voice, and had trouble swallowing. So at 46, Larry went on long-term disability.

Disability benefits provided much-needed income and paid for private nurses while Francie worked. When Larry’s condition deteriorated, the policy helped him afford the best long-term care facility available.

To this day, Larry’s disability benefits remain the primary source of income for his family and his life insurance coverage will be there for them when he’s gone. “I know Larry takes great comfort in knowing that we’ll always be taken care of,” says Francie.

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