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Dan Claus: Insurance Allows Dad to be a Dad

Peggy and Dan Claus always managed to make the best out of challenging situations. They found their first house, an abandoned century-old Victorian, in the path of a new highway. They paid to have it moved six miles away to a new lot, and with extensive renovations it became their dream home. When Peggy lost her job as a computer support specialist at a local bank, she started her own consulting firm and it quickly became a more rewarding career.

Two years later Peggy was diagnosed with breast cancer.

One of Peggy’s clients was her friend, Paul Miller, ChFC, CLU, an insurance professional. She took care of his computers, and he vowed to always take care of her family. When Peggy’s business started to take off, Paul knew she needed more life insurance because her income had grown significantly. With Paul’s help, Peggy doubled her coverage. Two years later Peggy was diagnosed with breast cancer. To help pay her mounting medical costs, Peggy was able to borrow against the cash value of several permanent life insurance policies she had owned for almost twenty years.

Sadly, after a three-year battle, Peggy died at age 48, leaving behind Dan and their four sons. Dan, 52, used the insurance benefits to repay the loans against her policies and other medical costs and debts that had accumulated during Peggy’s illness. He also paid off half their mortgage.

More importantly, the insurance allowed Dan to accept a lower-paying job closer to home in northeast Iowa. Now instead of a 70-mile commute and having to work 12-hour shifts and every other weekend, Dan works weekdays until 3:30 p.m. That gives him the freedom to be there when the boys arrive home from school, attend all their activities and fully participate in their lives. “That’s really important to me, and I know it would be important to Peg.”

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