Tara Newby

A Good Samaritan’s Lasting Legacy

Preston Newby, 24, was a youth pastor who “lived to serve other people,” says his wife, Tara. So it was no surprise when he pulled off the Interstate late one night to help passengers in a car that had just collided with an elk. After discovering they were hurt, Preston returned to his car, told Tara what had happened, and ran back to the scene. While calling for help, Preston was struck from behind by a driver who swerved to avoid the accident scene. He died moments later in Tara’s arms.

The tragic situation would have been much worse if it hadn’t been for the Newbys’ decision a few years earlier to buy life insurance. They had gone to see insurance professional Jerry Braun to talk about auto and renter’s insurance. But with their first child on the way, Jerry suggested they also consider life insurance. “We discussed how, if one of us passed away, the other would want to stay home with the children,” says Tara.

Sadly, that hypothetical discussion became reality for Tara, who was 10 weeks pregnant with her second child when Preston’s life was tragically cut short. But thanks to life insurance, she is able to be a stay-at-home mom to Jacob, 2, and Micah, 3 months. She also paid off her student loans and other debts. More importantly, it gave her time to grieve and to focus on her children. “With so much to stress about while raising two children, it’s a blessing not to have to worry about finances,” says Tara. “I feel like it was Preston’s last gift to us.”

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