Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick races to educate Americans

  • As Danica says, “Driving race cars is risky. Not having life insurance is riskier.” Share her message with consumers to encourage them to have the important discussion about life insurance.

  • Danica will be taking to television and radio airwaves to share her personal story and remind people to protect their loved ones with life insurance.

  • Follow us on social media (www.lifehappens.org/socialmedia) where we will be sharing posts about and from Danica about life insurance.

Speed up your marketing efforts with these LIAM resources

  • Danica’s industry message
    Danica's Industry Message

    Learn why what we do in the industry is so important during LIAM and beyond.

  • Danica’s consumer message
    Danica's Consumer Message

    Move consumers to action with Danica’s public service announcement. Available in three lengths:

  • Danica’s Q&A videos
    Danica's Q&A Video

    Learn more about Danica in a candid question-and-answer segment.

  • Danica’s Real Life Story flyer
    Danica’s Real Life Story flyer

    Download, email or print Danica’s Real Life Story flyer to share with consumers.

  • Danica’s Q&A flyer
    Danica’s Q&A flyer

    Share this flyer that gives consumers a closer look into Danica’s life and passions--including life insurance.

  • Danica’s social media graphics
    Danica’s social media graphics

    Connect with people where they already are -- on social media. Use these powerful quote graphics and cover photos to get people’s attention.

Use the power of Real Life Stories to motivate people

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Real Life Stories Flyer
Real Life Stories Videos
Real Life Stories Flyer
Real Life Stories Videos
Real Life Stories Flyer