Join the Insure Your Love Conversation on Social Media #InsureYourLove

Social media is a powerful way to establish relationships with clients and prospects that you most likely don’t interact with on a daily basis. This February, why not use the #InsureYourLove Hashtag Promotion to generate interest among your friends and followers.

During February, the nonprofit Life Happens is asking people to submit a photo or text post that exemplifies the “A Promise Kept” theme and then tag it with the #InsureYourLove hashtag.

You can start and then ask your social “peeps” to do the same. Maybe it’s a picture of you jogging with your dog and youngest kid in the snow. Perhaps it’s when you and your staff have helped out at a soup kitchen. Or, it could be a snuggle with the love of your life. Whatever it is, be genuine, tag it #InsureYourLove and post away.

During the month of February, Life Happens will be collecting a gallery of all the posts tagged with #InsureYourLove. Be sure to add the hashtag to your Twitter and Instagrams posts so they are included in the gallery. For Facebook, make sure you tag the Life Happens Facebook page in addition to using the hashtag.

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