Introducing our partner for Insure Your Love

Reena B. Patel

Licensed Psychologist and Board Certified Behavioral Analyst

We’re partnering with Reena B. Patel, Licensed Psychologist and Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, for our Insure Your Love campaign. Our latest study, Life’s New Appreciations, uncovered that 71% of Americans value the little things in life more than ever because of the pandemic. Reena offers her expertise on the value and psychological benefits that daily simple acts of love can bring during these challenging times and shares how life insurance is another simple act of love we can give our family.

To take action for your loved ones, Life Happens has a free Life Insurance Needs Calculator to help evaluate your own life insurance needs.


Simple Acts of Love Matter To Your Well Being

After a year of the unexpected, it’s no surprise that people are focused on the little things now more than ever. Reena shares how simple acts of love are mini reinforcements and bring psychological benefits. Life insurance is a simple act that you can do for your loved ones that can bring us peace of mind and reassurance.

Why You Should Talk About Life Insurance With Your Loved Ones

It often takes a milestone or event – like the pandemic – to force us to talk about life insurance with our loved ones. In fact, over half of Americans said this past year was the first time they spoke with a loved one about life insurance. Life insurance may be a topic that people are not comfortable with, but talking openly about it and other financial topics can be more beneficial than many may think.


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