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Ron Franco: Keeping a Dream in Place

Kelly and Ron Franco met while working at a local grocery store, and over time a romance blossomed. Soon after they were married, they sat down with insurance agent Steve Edmondson. He helped them put their long-term dreams into motion by setting up a plan that included permanent life insurance, which offered both protection and a means to accumulate cash value.

Their family grew to include two sons, and Ron started his own concrete construction business. When the Francos were ready to buy their dream home, they tapped into the accumulated cash value of their life insurance policy to help with a down payment.

As Ron’s business had seasonal dry spells, money became tight so Ron decided they should cancel their life insurance. Steve asked the couple to sit down and do a financial and budget analysis first. What they found was an even bigger need for coverage. Steve helped them find ways to cut unnecessary spending so they could afford to keep their permanent policies and supplement them with new term life insurance policies.

Kelly, who oversaw their finances, tapped into the accumulated cash value of their permanent policies to pay bills, including their life insurance premiums, to get them through this rough patch.

Her decision proved momentous. Just four months later, Kelly, who was only 46 at the time, died suddenly of heart failure. Ron’s grief was compounded by the thought that they would lose their home and the life they had built with their boys. Steve assured Ron that Kelly had not cancelled the insurance. “We worked hard for what we have and paid diligently. Life insurance made it possible for the boys and me to stay in our home,” says Ron.