Let’s Show the World the Power of Life Insurance


It’s time! The Insure Your Love campaign is live—in the run up to the Month of Love. So now is the time to use the power of social media to show friends, followers—and the world—what love (and life insurance!) means to you.

It’s simple. Life Happens is asking people: “How Do You Show Your Love?” and having them post their text or picture response on social media along with the #InsureYourLove hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. (For Facebook, you’ll need to make sure you tag the Life Happens Facebook page in addition to using the hashtag.)

Then, go to www.lifehappens.org/showyourlove to see all the photos and text posts that people are uploading!

Remember, putting together an Insure Your Love campaign is easy with Life Happens’ suite of turnkey tools and resources. Check them out.

Remember, you’ll have to sign in to the Life Happens Pro site first to access these or sign up if you don’t have an account. Keep in mind that only the Life Happens Pro Plus and Premium users get full access to all the resources.

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