It’s Time to Show Your Love!

Right now, it’s all about the #InsureYourLove hashtag!

During February’s Insure Your Love campaign, it’s time to take the lead and show your friends, followers—and the world—what love (and life insurance!) means to you.

This is how we get people to buy coverage—by example. This agent posted it on his Twitter feed and it showed up on our Show Your Love page here:, where we are compiling all the great ways that we love and protect the people in our lives.


Here’s how it works. Life Happens is asking people: “How Do You Show Your Love?” and having them post their text or picture response on social media along with the #InsureYourLove hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. (For Facebook, you’ll need to make sure you tag the Life Happens Facebook page in addition to using the hashtag.)

Then, go to to see all the photos and text posts that people are uploading!

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