Life Lessons Speaker Events


“If my father had made preparations for his death, things would be different now. It’s a sad fact, but children must sometimes learn from their parents’ mistakes.” – Chez Ortiz

Each year Life Happens helps students like Chez realize their dream of a college education after a parent dies with little or no life insurance, leaving them in dire financial straits and unable to achieve their educational goals. The Life Lessons Scholarship Program has helped hundreds of students over the past several years—to date, over $700,000 in scholarship aid has been awarded.

But for every student who receives a scholarship, Life must turn thousands more away. This is where you can help. Life Happens can work with you to set up and host speaking events, where a Life Lessons recipient can share their personal story. These events, in turn, can raise money for the program far beyond what Life Happens can fund by itself. Together, we can grow this program and help thousands more.

Not a meeting planner? No problem—setting up a speaking event is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Contact Life Happens and request a speaker – Call or email Andrea Englert at Life Happens: or (202) 464-5000 x4446. Andrea will work to find a speaker in your area and coordinate the logistical details. Please note that each Life Lessons speaker should receive a $500 honorarium and reimbursement for travel expenses.
  2. Set up the event – determine your guest list, a location that can accommodate the number of expected guests (it can be anything from a room in your house to a private room at a restaurant), and any refreshments necessary for the event.
  3. Hosting the event – when introducing the Life Lessons speaker, try to also give a brief explanation of the Life Lessons Scholarship Program, and mention the remittance envelopes (will be delivered prior to event, for your distribution)

“September is always a LIAM month for our office. We have had success spotlighting LIAM by inviting guests to a nice evening where we honor a local Life Lessons student. Hearing their personal story touches everyone in the audience, clients as well as advisors, and clearly makes the point about the importance of life insurance. Thank you to Life Happens for making these programs available, as they truly impact lives.”

Daralee Barbera, CFP, CLF, CMFC

Managing Principal

Waddell & Reed, Inc.