Branding Guidelines

Below you will find the terms, conditions and restrictions regarding the use of Life Happens’ trademarks (“Marks”). In order to preserve the integrity and goodwill of these Marks, Life Happens has established the following Branding Guidelines. If you need further assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 202-464-5000 or

Our logo

Our logo comes in three variations that are available for download. Click the logo image to download any individual version. download Download all versions here

1. Primary color

Use as the default logo

Life Happens Color Logo

2. Knockout color


3. Mono color


Use of our brand materials


  • Display these Marks in a readable size
  • Maintain image resolution so they are clear and sharp
  • Maintain empty space equal to at least half the height of the logo on all sides
  • Keep them straight and free of filters and effects
  • Scale the logos proportionally


  • Alter the Marks including:
    • Colors, color combinations and any artwork other than what has been approved by these Guidelines
    • The size relationship of the components within the Mark
    • The typeset the logotype or redraw the graphic elements
    • Sizing the logo so small that “A Nonprofit Organization” is illegible
    • Taking individual components within the Marks and moving them or using them separately
    • Adding extraneous text, imagery or effects
  • Use the Marks on a distracting or visually busy background
  • Rotate these Marks
  • Obstruct them