Your Donation Can Help Change a Young Adult’s Life

The article, How to Slice Up Your Charitable Pie, by The New York Times columnist Ron Lieber got me thinking about charitable giving. I’ve always opened my checkbook in an ad hoc manner throughout the year when events or causes that have meaning to me occur, like Race for the Cure.

But something that Lieber wrote got me thinking, “Many of us would not be where we are were it not for the educational institutions that picked up the bill when we could not pay full freight. To my mind, that creates not just a debt of gratitude but a running tab that I hope to clear long before I die.”

That is certainly true in my case. And I think there are very few of us who could say otherwise. But does the University of Wisconsin-Madison really need my check? I suppose my friend in its development office would say yes. But this year I’m going to start paying that “running tab” by donating to the LIFE Lessons Scholarship Program.

This program helps young adults who’ve lost a parent and who are in tight (sometimes desperate) financial straits pay for school. I think back and my struggle might have been meeting the tuition bill, but theirs also includes moving on after losing a parent, and often becoming a parent to other siblings, like Brittney LaCombe.

Brittney is amazing. She’s raising her two teenage sisters while getting her degree in social work. You can watch her moving story here. As she says, “I work full-time, go to school full-time and take care of my sisters full-time.” That’s not a life most 20-year-olds imagine for themselves.

That’s why I just donated online to the LIFE Lessons’ Scholarship Fund. And I ask that everyone who reads this donate—whatever they can—as well. Pass this donation link on ( and let’s help Brittney and other young adults like her realize their dream of getting a college education.

Happy holidays!

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