What We Are Really Like

In pop culture, life insurance agents often get cast in a less than flattering light, but I’m going to tell you one of my favorite stories that may change your view.

My sister-in-law Anne’s mother died several years ago. She was 75 and had lived a long, full life, which included raising five children on her own. Her husband had died when the children were young—Anne was small at the time.

Fortunately her father had had the foresight to buy life insurance. He realized, even as a young man, that it was important to put protection in place for his wife and five children, in case something were to happen to him. His wife, however, was not pleased about that money going toward premium payments. She would have preferred it to go to whatever other household needs were urgent, as money was tight at the time. Her husband, however, persisted with the coverage. Within six months of purchasing it, he was diagnosed with melanoma; he died five years later.

The young widow raised those five kids and sent them off into the world, something that would have been an almost insurmountable task without that life insurance money.

While certainly a compelling story, it doesn’t end there.

When Anne was at her mother’s wake, someone came up and introduced himself. It was the agent who had sold her father his life insurance. He had come, 50 years after his “sale,” simply to pay his respects and to see how these “children” were doing.

But the encounter went beyond even that. The agent was able to tell Anne about her father and how concerned he had been about making sure his wife and children were taken care of. Anne was moved to tears, as it was the first time in her life that she had met a friend of her father’s who could tell her a story about the great character of her father.

This is what life insurance agents are really like.

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