There's No Excuse—Really!

50 Million.

Try to wrap your head around that number.

That’s the population of California and Illinois combined, to help put it into perspective.

That’s how many individuals do not have life insurance coverage in the United States.

That number is staggering.

That number, in conjunction with many of the personal experiences I’ve had of individuals who didn’t have either enough life insurance coverage or any life insurance coverage at all, was the motivation behind starting the Life Insurance Movement otherwise known as the #LifeAWARE.

Thirty-nine percent of U.S. adults do not have any life insurance which, when you think about it, is insane. Based on a new study, the most common explanation, a.k.a. “excuse,” is that life insurance costs too much. The reality is that over two-thirds of those who do have life insurance are paying less than $100 a month to have it, and just under half are paying less than $50 a month.

Do you still think life insurance is too expensive? Think again!

It’s hard to get people motivated about a topic such as life insurance, for obvious reasons. Who wants to talk about death? Life insurance is not about dying; it’s about taking care of those that are still living when we’re gone.

The Life Insurance Movement, where over 155 personal bloggers shared their personal stories and reasons of why life insurance is so important, reinforced why every household that has a family needs to be talking about it.

Melissa from shared her story about how her father was diagnosed with cancer and lost his life at age 38. Although he hadn’t purchased a huge policy that would have left his family that much better off, he did buy enough to help the mom take care of the mortgage.

Shawanda Greene of shared her story about how her father purchased life insurance but failed to take care of the major detail of making sure that she and her mother were the beneficiaries. Upon his death, his sister, named the beneficiary, received all the benefits, leaving her family at an emotional and financial loss.

To all young adults who feel that they are invincible and that nothing will ever happen to them, they should take the time and read the story from Jason at He shared the tragic story of how a close friend’s wife, who was eight months pregnant, had complications from labor. The complications unfortunately took not only the child’s life, but hers as well. To compound the problem, she had no life insurance, leaving the surviving husband and first child struggling to pay medical bills and other costs.

These are just a few examples of why life insurance needs to be a dinner-table conversation. There is no excuse for why you shouldn’t buy life insurance.

Get #LifeAWARE.

  1. 50,000,000 is really a staggering number. It’s kind of hard to even fathom that. My wife pays about $23/month for her term insurance and I pay around $65. It’s a very small price to pay to know we’re both protected if anything were to happen.

    Thanks for the mention again, Jeff!

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