The Reality of Life: An Infographic

A new survey we did asked people what they planned to leave their loved ones if they were to pass away tomorrow, and more respondents said they would leave behind family photos (54%) than money from a life insurance policy (49%) for their loved ones.

So while we all value the memories that a photo brings us, it’s important to realize if there is no money for a family to survive on after the death of a breadwinner, it’s going to be really hard to make new memories that are worth capturing in a photo.

Here is more of what we found.


  1. Death is 100% guaranteed and death benefit could be 100% receivable with multiple return of accumulated premium; if the policy is properly structured and maintained. Often the clients do not understand the current paid premium, the minimum no lapse require premium, the grace period and the lapsed and reactivate requirements. The clients must be made to understand and aware that if and when they are faced with financial hardship there is way to pay and maintain the policy.

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