Financial Advisor Barbie? Not Quite, but She May Want to Speak With One

If you’ve been following the celebrity gossip pages lately, you couldn’t have missed all the news about Barbie and Ken. It’s been a busy year for America’s favorite dream couple. This past Valentine’s Day, Ken successfully wooed Barbie back into his arms after spending seven years apart—all it took was a multimillion dollar advertising and […]

Save Less, Work Longer

Researchers are telling us that the expected retirement age for U.S. workers is rising and that people are planning on working longer, as opposed to saving more. Researchers at Mathew Greenwald & Associates, Inc. and the Employee Benefit Research Institute reported that only 68% of U.S. workers said they or a spouse had tried to […]

Women, Money and Power

Women, Money and Power. This is the title of an article recently published by Aimee Johnson, who is the women’s program manager for Allianz Life. According to Johnson, the women’s market is still viewed by some as a niche market, but she goes on to set the record straight. Nearly a third of women serve […]

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