Could You Wait 600 Days to Replace (Part of) Your Paycheck?

Here are the most recent government statistics (2009) for the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. Disability benefits were paid to almost 9 million people. Average monthly benefit received was $1,064.30. Benefits were terminated for 630,074 disabled workers. Workers accounted for the largest share of disabled beneficiaries (87 percent). The average age of a beneficiary was about […]

Loss Doesn’t Have to Mean Desperation

I just completed judging more than 40 of the nearly 1,500 total applications that the LIFE Foundation received this year from college-aged kids applying for over $100,000 of scholarship funds. Each year, LIFE solicits applications for its LIFE Lesson’s Scholarship Program. The applicants submit stories about how one or both of their parents died with […]

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