Women Continue to Underestimate Their Own Value

In Penn Mutual’s 3rd annual Worth for Women Survey, women and men were asked to place a dollar value on the work they do away from their jobs. Both groups put the dollar estimate at around $25,000 per year. Respondents were then asked to list the hours they spent doing a variety of work or […]

Got Your Head in the Sand When It Comes to a Disability?

Workers starting out today are projected to have about a three in 10 chance of experiencing a long-term disability during their working years. Yet, despite such daunting odds, nearly 70% of America’s workforce has no private disability insurance. In conducting a recently released consumer research project entitled “The Disability Divide,” the Council for Disability Awareness […]

Single? Don't Let This Important Coverage Slip by You

Now here are some disturbing numbers. According to MetLife’s 9th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends, 63% of full-time workers who are primary wage earners and not married are very concerned about having enough money to pay bills during a period of sudden income loss. But 60% of these single workers have no disability insurance […]

No Disability Insurance Coverage? Have You Considered a Rider?

Disability insurance is a key component of an individual’s financial plan, and provides valuable coverage to guard against the risk of them losing their income due to an illness or injury. Since a long-term disability can ruin a person’s financial health, it would make sense that everyone have the coverage. However, fewer than a third […]

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