What Women Need to Consider Given Our Increasing Longevity

Women are better educated today than ever before, and we are seeking to make smart financial decisions for ourselves and our families. We want to be more self-reliant, and we are living longer. Given this, we need to understand the importance life insurance plays in our financial planning. We need to work together to assure […]

Women Continue to Underestimate Their Own Value

In Penn Mutual’s 3rd annual Worth for Women Survey, women and men were asked to place a dollar value on the work they do away from their jobs. Both groups put the dollar estimate at around $25,000 per year. Respondents were then asked to list the hours they spent doing a variety of work or […]

Got Your Head in the Sand When It Comes to a Disability?

Workers starting out today are projected to have about a three in 10 chance of experiencing a long-term disability during their working years. Yet, despite such daunting odds, nearly 70% of America’s workforce has no private disability insurance. In conducting a recently released consumer research project entitled “The Disability Divide,” the Council for Disability Awareness […]

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