Is 10 the Magic Retirement Number?

According to a Lincoln Financial Group study, a 10-times assets-to-income ratio is a guide that can help people determine how they can be better prepared for retirement. In other words, if you are earning $100,000 per year, you need to have $1,000,000 in assets for a comfortable retirement. Understand that this is a guide and […]

Bull, Bear or Bewildered?

As we look at the economy, we now realize there are more than just bull and bear investors. There are bulls, bears and the bewildered. MetLife states that there are actually 10 types of investors. Here is their list: Snoozers – People who don’t think about future risks at all. Active Resisters – People who […]

What Women Need to Consider Given Our Increasing Longevity

Women are better educated today than ever before, and we are seeking to make smart financial decisions for ourselves and our families. We want to be more self-reliant, and we are living longer. Given this, we need to understand the importance life insurance plays in our financial planning. We need to work together to assure […]

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