1. I have been in the financial services business for some time now part-time. I am now about to make a fulltime commitment to this profession and I want to learn a lot more about using social media to prospect for clients. I see that this website can help me. I look forward to reading, learning and applying more.

    1. Very informative infographic Maggie!
      I’d like to also share it to my personal blog (http://livelifebecauseyolo.blogspot.com/2014/09/millennials-how-they-measure-up-when-it.html).
      It shows that Millennials doesn’t have a solid financial care yet. They are not yet aware about the importance or need of having an insurance. This infographic will surely help you attain your blog objective to help raise awareness of the importance of life, disability and long-term care insurance.
      While still young, Millennials should start to save and prepare for their future.
      Insurance rates are ever changing, it is advisable to check and get one as early as possible before it soar even higher.

      Thanks and more power!

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