Marriage Happens

I was too busy tearing up over the dress and the carriage and Princess Di’s little boy all grown up and getting married that I didn’t see LIFE’s Facebook guru Chris Hill had already beat me to the punch on getting this message out on the LIFE Happens fanpage.

I was about to refocus my post, but then thought, “Well, half the world is focused on marriage today, so why not reinforce the message!”

Marriage Happens—and with it a new family unit is born with new responsibilities and concerns. Of course Kate and Wills don’t have to think about the financial what ifs, but 99.9% of the rest of us do. Once you’re married, you share so much together—including your financial obligations.  What if one of the partners dies unexpectedly? Would the other be OK financially? Would they be able to afford the house and the car and all the other things that they have bought and created together as they form their new life?

Marriage is just one of the life milestones that should trigger an automatic light going off that says, “Do I have enough life insurance for my new stage in life?” To find out what other life stages warrant a life insurance “regroup,” check out this page.

All the best to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and to all our readers taking the leap!

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