Kids Should Be Going to School, Not Punching a Clock

It’s August, so just about everywhere you look there are ads for back-to-school sales. It’s wistful for me. I loved going to school, and especially liked stocking up on schools supplies. Nothing like the smell of newly sharpened #2s. (Do kids even have to bring those to school anymore?)

But because of the LIFE Foundation’s LIFE Lessons Scholarship Program, I’m also keenly aware of those students who won’t be going to school—college, sometimes even high school—because their parent or parents died without life insurance. Instead of hitting the books, they’re punching time clocks. Recently I spoke with one young woman who got up at 4 am to unload trucks at a big box store just to keep a roof over her family’s head, after her father died without life insurance. Where does school fit into a scenario like that? It doesn’t.

A common theme to these stories of a loss of a parent without life insurance is that the children talk about how much their parent loved them. At the same time, they also talk about the fact that without life insurance the struggle after the parent is gone is sometimes unimaginable.

Graduating early from high school, tutoring every night until 9 pm to earn money, scrounging for food stamps at the end of the month. This was the reality for Esther Kim after her father died suddenly. You can watch her story here.

[flv:/flash/flv/Esther-Kim.flv 404 322]

Esther was fortunate enough to be awarded one of the LIFE Lessons’ scholarships to help her realize her dream of a college education. But there were thousands that applied that didn’t get money, who may not being going to school. That’s why it’s so important for parents to make sure they have life insurance—and enough of it. To find out more about your life insurance needs, start here.

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