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You Shredded Your AARP Card. Now What?

People say that 50 is the new 40, but delivered along with your birthday cards when you turn 50 will be your membership card to AARP. Yes that’s right, your official “pass go” into the American Association of Retired People. Quite ironic, given that retiring at 50 isn’t plausible or realistic for 99.9% of us. […]

Retirement Scare Tactics? I Don’t Think So

Retirement. I’ve been talking about the Boomers’ lack of preparation for their retirement for many years. Many Boomers are not and will not be in a financial situation where they can enjoy a secure retirement. published “12 Terrifying Retirement Facts Keeping Boomers—And Their Advisors—Up at Night,” which discusses these concerns and reinforces the urgency […]

Is 80 the New 65?

The real question is whether 80 is the new 65 by choice or by circumstance. Wells Fargo Bank surveyed a group of Americans from age 20 to 70 who earned between $25,000 and $100,000 asking questions about retirement, savings and Social Security and came up with some interesting information. Three-fourths of those surveyed said they […]

Uncertain? Confused? Join the Club

A recent Guardian Life Insurance Company survey found that Americans are overwhelmed about the prospect of saving for retirement, and they are unsure how life insurance fits in the overall planning. This survey indicates that all Americans are exhibiting uncertainty and, at worst, complete inaction when it comes to financial decision-making. The survey also revealed […]

Are You Part of the 40 Percent?

In a recent LIMRA survey of Americans not yet retired, 40% said they currently save no money each month toward retirement. The LIMRA research indicates that fewer future retirees will have pensions to pay for their living expenses and more will be relying on their personal savings to fund their retirement. Without a significant change […]

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