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What Would I Have Done Without My LTCI?

Donna was fortunate to follow in her sister’s footsteps. Her older sister had purchased a long-term care insurance policy, and although Donna was only 56, she thought getting the coverage was a good idea, too. She also had experience with it. Her ailing aunt had made great use of her long-term care insurance policy, but […]

What to Do Now to Be Ready for Tomorrow’s Reality

Generations ago, it was accepted that elderly parents would be cared for by their adult children, with women (aka “the homemakers”) handling most of the physical and emotional burden. This was also a time when siblings and members of the extended family lived in close proximity, ready to step in when needed. But times have […]

Safeguarding the Caregiver With LTCI

Women have long been known as the caretakers of the family, overseeing the health and welfare of their children and spouses, and for those who are members of the “sandwich generation,” elderly relatives as well. But what happens when the caregiver needs care? For many families, this creates not only an emotional crisis but a […]

Financial Advisor Barbie? Not Quite, but She May Want to Speak With One

If you’ve been following the celebrity gossip pages lately, you couldn’t have missed all the news about Barbie and Ken. It’s been a busy year for America’s favorite dream couple. This past Valentine’s Day, Ken successfully wooed Barbie back into his arms after spending seven years apart—all it took was a multimillion dollar advertising and […]

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