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14 Weeks to a New Financial You

To get out of debt and to get a point that you have money to invest in your future takes discipline—military discipline, but “Soldier of Finance” makes it manageable by breaking it up into weekly tasks, from discovering where you are, to paying off debt, to getting started in investing. In the “Your Body Armor” chapter, he also gives great advice on the importance of insurance, including life insurance. Plus, each chapter has a “Go/No Go” checklist (love!) and a summary for those who “reading or attention challenged.”

Don’t Name Your Special-Needs Child as the Beneficiary of Your Life Insurance

While you may think you’re doing the right thing if you name your special-needs child (or grandchild, sibling, etc.) as the beneficiary of your life insurance, you may be doing the wrong thing. Here’s why. Under current federal law, an individual with more than $2,000 in assets is disqualified from most needs-based government benefits. State […]

Are You an "Ant" or a "Grasshopper"?

tart now working on those you made eight months ago, working on the principle that there is no time like the present. Here are four quick tasks to undertake—one for each week of this coming month—to get your financial life under control and heading in the right direction. (You’re on your own with the diet and exercising!)

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