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Single? Don't Let This Important Coverage Slip by You

Now here are some disturbing numbers. According to MetLife’s 9th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends, 63% of full-time workers who are primary wage earners and not married are very concerned about having enough money to pay bills during a period of sudden income loss. But 60% of these single workers have no disability insurance […]

No Disability Insurance Coverage? Have You Considered a Rider?

Disability insurance is a key component of an individual’s financial plan, and provides valuable coverage to guard against the risk of them losing their income due to an illness or injury. Since a long-term disability can ruin a person’s financial health, it would make sense that everyone have the coverage. However, fewer than a third […]

Could You Wait 600 Days to Replace (Part of) Your Paycheck?

Here are the most recent government statistics (2009) for the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. Disability benefits were paid to almost 9 million people. Average monthly benefit received was $1,064.30. Benefits were terminated for 630,074 disabled workers. Workers accounted for the largest share of disabled beneficiaries (87 percent). The average age of a beneficiary was about […]

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