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When Did Stuffing Cash Under the Mattress Become a Retirement Plan?

“When asked to react to several state-of-the-economy statements, 27% of nonretirees said the safest place right now for any money left over after paying expenses is ‘under my mattress.’” This is what Linda Koco, contributing editor of AnnuityNews, wrote in the article Annuities Vie With Mattress Money, based on an Allianz study on the use […]

Are You an Ostrich With Your Head in the Sand?

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) just released a survey showing that nearly half (48%) of Americans ages 45 to 70 have no financial plans in place to protect themselves against outliving their assets and the rising cost of health care should they live longer than they expected. Additional findings show more than one-third are worried […]

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