Liran Hirschkorn

Liran Hirschkorn is the founder of, a national life insurance agency.

July 27, 2015

Can I Still Get Life Insurance After a Heart Attack?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that people with a history of illness like heart disease would have a more difficult time getting approved for life insurance than others who are healthy. But the key word here is difficult, not impossible.

If you’ve had a heart attack, knowing what to expect when you apply for term life insurance will greatly increase your chances of getting good coverage.

What do insurance providers need to know?

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April 1, 2015

Do You Really Need 10x Your Salary in Life Insurance?

If you’ve spent time looking at information about choosing the right amount of life insurance, you’ll have found some fairly standard answers, but also a lot of ambiguity. That’s because the amount of life insurance a person needs varies on a case-by-case basis. Still, just like with other kinds of financial management, industry experts have weighed in on what they feel is best for the average consumer.

One of these rules of thumb is taking out life insurance coverage equal to five to 10 times your salary. To many of us, that sounds like a lot of money. It’s only when you get into the details of figuring out how people use money over time that you realize that five to 10 times salary can actually be a pretty conservative estimate.

Here are some of the considerations you’ll want to think about and take into account:

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March 2, 2015

6 Reasons You’d Get Turned Down for Life Insurance

The most common reason that people get declined for life insurance coverage is because they have a specific health condition, but it isn’t the only reason. I’d like to cover the top ones and let you know what your options might be.

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September 22, 2014

5 Reasons to Keep Your Life Insurance as You Head Toward Retirement

As Baby Boomers continue to make their way towards retirement, many may feel they can do away with the added expense of life insurance. After all, in a large number of cases, the kids are grown and some of the larger expenses like college may be behind them.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get rid of your life insurance coverage quite so fast. In fact, in many ways, as people approach their golden years, they have even more reason to hang on to, or even add to, their life insurance protection. Here are 5 key reasons why:

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June 25, 2014

6 Reasons Millennials Should Consider Life Insurance (even if you don’t have kids)

There is facial recognition software that will name your friends and ask you if you want to tag them on your social media profile. You can text someone a message from half a world away, and you can play a video game with a complete stranger on another continent. Technology has accomplished so many amazing things in the past 20 years, but there’s still no way to bypass our own mortality.

While it’s never pleasant to discuss, your death is inevitable. It is easy to forget this when you’re young. Everything seems to be going as planned and most young people have little connection to the heartache of death, outside of the passing of their grandparents.

But early adulthood is an advantageous time to purchase life insurance. The benefits to doing so are many. If you’re not sure whether you need insurance or not, consider the following.

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