Ken Smith

Ken Smith, CLU, is director of health product sales with Assurity Life Insurance Company in Lincoln, Neb. He is past president of the National Association for Critical Illness Insurance and is considered by many in the life insurance business to be one of the leading experts on critical illness sales in the United States. He is also author of Sales Lessons from the Masters.

December 8, 2015

Here’s Why You Need Critical Illness Insurance (But Maybe Your Parents or Grandparents Didn’t)

One thing that makes critical illness insurance unique is that it was not created by an insurance company, but by a world-famous heart surgeon, Dr. Marius Barnard. He was part of the team, headed by his brother, Christian Barnard, that successfully performed the first human heart transplant.

Dr. Barnard was practicing medicine in South Africa, and saw that, with the changes taking place in medicine, when a critical illness struck he was able to heal his patient physically, but the financial stress that accompanied cancer, heart attack and stroke was killing his patients.

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