No One Wants to Think About Long-Term Care, But Here’s Why You Should

OK, it’s time to stop putting off the inevitable: thinking about who will take care of you when you can no longer take care of yourself. It’s Long-Term Care Insurance Awareness Month, making it the perfect “excuse” to explore something no one wants to think about, but that we all need to. Keep in mind […]

Understanding Life Insurance Ratings

Everyone who applies for life insurance is assessed for coverage. Insurers provide coverage and premium rates in accordance with an applicant’s risk level. To that end, insurance companies typically place applicants in categories relative to their risk which involves their health as well as lifestyle choices. Smoking, for example, as a behavior associated with health […]

Don’t Name Your Special-Needs Child as the Beneficiary of Your Life Insurance

While you may think you’re doing the right thing if you name your special-needs child (or grandchild, sibling, etc.) as the beneficiary of your life insurance, you may be doing the wrong thing. Here’s why. Under current federal law, an individual with more than $2,000 in assets is disqualified from most needs-based government benefits. State […]

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