8 Tips to Save Money and Your Sanity During Open Enrollment

During open enrollment at work, we’re faced with the often confusing task of evaluating the benefits options our employers offer. Often, these benefits can change from year-to-year, complicating things even more. While you may be tempted to just let your previous benefits selections “roll over,” it’s critical to take time to review and understand what’s […]

What Would I Have Done Without My LTCI?

Donna was fortunate to follow in her sister’s footsteps. Her older sister had purchased a long-term care insurance policy, and although Donna was only 56, she thought getting the coverage was a good idea, too. She also had experience with it. Her ailing aunt had made great use of her long-term care insurance policy, but […]

When Did Stuffing Cash Under the Mattress Become a Retirement Plan?

“When asked to react to several state-of-the-economy statements, 27% of nonretirees said the safest place right now for any money left over after paying expenses is ‘under my mattress.’” This is what Linda Koco, contributing editor of AnnuityNews, wrote in the article Annuities Vie With Mattress Money, based on an Allianz study on the use […]

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